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Scyphus Ltd is a manufacturer of branded paper cups and carton packaging printer located in Northampton offer full print finishing, service the uk & Europe

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What Paper Cups are Right for Your Business

Paper cups attract attention and many questions from customers. Customers are concerned about their safety, environmental impact, and usability... read more

28.11.2019 • By Scyphus Ltd

Printed Paper Cups The Perfect Way to Promote a Brand

Printed paper cups are now the preferred marketing medium for restaurants and coffee shops. Their direct reach to customers, varied designs,... read more

25.11.2019 • By Scyphus Ltd

Things You Need to Know About Biodegradable Paper Cups Today

Are you one of those people who feel guilty about using disposable cups? You are not alone in this, and you have a good reason for it. Your... read more

25.11.2019 • By Scyphus Ltd

Common Problems Food Sleeves Solve

Food should always look appetizing, regardless if it is on a plate, packaging, store shelf, or even in takeout boxes with a food sleeve. The... read more

21.11.2019 • By Scyphus Ltd

Biodegradable Paper Cups: Inspirations from Plastic Free Penzance

Biodegradable paper cups have become a hit with food outlets and vendors. Take away containers, ice-cream paper cups, popcorn boxes, and paper... read more

08.11.2019 • By Scyphus Ltd

How we really feel about food sleeves

Custom food sleeves are used in container packaging that is placed over standard plastic food trays or food corrugated box. The size of the food... read more

31.10.2019 • By Scyphus Ltd

How Food Sleeve Fits into the Latest Trends

Food sleeve packaging is an important safety element and protecting food during its entire shelf life is necessary. That is why there plenty of... read more

26.10.2019 • By Scyphus Ltd

How Product Packaging Influences Sales and Brand Image

Product packaging is a vital element in marketing and advertising. For the customer, it is the first point of interaction with the product.... read more

17.10.2019 • By Scyphus Ltd

Everything You Need to Know About Plastic Recycling Success

Envisage a plastic-free world; 100% of global plastic bans and veering to plastic alternatives. Now, think of the impact on the environment,... read more

11.10.2019 • By Scyphus Ltd

How Branded Coffee Cups Has Changed the Way of Coffee to Go

When talking about the morning person, it is either they already drank their coffee or intending to. Those who had their coffee already are... read more

03.10.2019 • By Scyphus Ltd